Day 37 of Russia’s Brutal War on Ukraine … Despite the Western “experts” predictions, Ukraine has withstood the full-scale attacks on its land from Russian occupiers for 36 long days that now blur into what feels to be long years. Some in the West continue to be amazed and constantly point to what Ukraine lacks in terms of military power, weapons, and protective gear, but what they simply do not comprehend is something intangible — the power of the Ukrainian spirit and the sacrifices Ukrainian people are willing to make to live free on their own land.

The physical needs in Ukraine are enormous, and United Help Ukraine is focused on supporting the most urgent necessities to assist Ukraine in winning the war against the Russian occupiers. Even though that is our focus and the center of our volunteer movement now, we do not want to merely describe what we are doing to fill the needs of people in Ukraine. The demand to help is immense and that information is widely available, and the numbers below speak for themselves and give you a good overview of our work in the first month of the war. What we eagerly want to talk about are the amazing acts of courage of the Ukrainian people and why they deserve the support of the entire world at the time of Russia’s war on a sovereign, beautiful and peaceful nation, the biggest nation in the European continent.

Our Ukraine today is the country where unarmed people come out to the streets to block Russian tanks with their bodies to stop their entry into Ukrainian towns. It is a country where women take their kids to school and the same day pick up weapons to join the territorial defense unit, a country where the soccer team and the boxing champions pick up arms to protect their cities and families; a country where old people who remember the Nazi terror of the 1940s say that they are afraid of Russian more than the Nazis and still refuse to leave the cities they love and plan to celebrate the victory and die in their God-given land; a country where the civilian population overnight turns into a mass volunteer force that works tirelessly to help procure urgently needed items for their defenders and ordinary civilian people risk their lives daily to rescue fellow Ukrainians out of the zones of bombing; a country whose President rises up the challenge and refuses to flee to save himself and his family.

The last couple of days have been especially hard as we mourn the loss of Ukrainian volunteers who have been brutally killed while attempting to deliver aid to Chernihiv. We will never forget these brave heroes! Even though this war has taken an emotional toll on everyone close and far, one thing remains clear – Ukrainians do not give up! For our volunteers here in the USA and on the ground in Poland and Ukraine, we rise each day with a united purpose to fill the needs in Ukraine. This would not be possible without the generous support of our donors small and large. We humbly ask you to continue this support now because people in Ukraine need it urgently.

United we stand with Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!